ChatRandom Review

ChatRandom is an online gay chat room service, with no age restriction. They pride themselves on being the “largest gay community chat site”. It is free to join and to be part of the chatroom.

Chat Random allows you to contact other members from all over the world in a variety of ways. This is great for people who have not met each other yet and want to get to know them.

Chat Random has a simple sign up process

Chat Random has a simple sign up process

We will help you build your profile so you can communicate with other new members from around the world. You can create a video or picture gallery to introduce yourself and your interests.

The chat options available to you include personal messaging, live webcam, and photo gallery. Chat Random has a large database of chat topics and games that are designed to meet your interests. You can browse through the topic listings to see what is available.

If you wish to stay anonymous then you can choose a private chat and you can always find out if the other person’s real name is on the list. Chat Random does not use the logs of the chat for anything else than statistics.

You can choose a password protected member’s chat rooms for more security and privacy. You can choose to remain anonymous or choose to become a member and talk with others.

You can open your own account with Chat Random and you can chat with others from all over the world. ChatRandom also provides directory listings for chat rooms that you can access.

If you decide to chat with others


Then you will be considered as an online resident, even though you are just an online guest. In order to keep the chats safe and secure on the web host at Chat Random screens every single message sent between members before it is ever allowed to go out to the public.

No matter if it is a chat with a stranger or with someone you know you are safe because Chat Random has the best protection in the industry.

You can also join in on the live webcam in most cases. Chat Random has numerous webcams and you can chat with someone who is close to you.

Chat Random has a chat room where you can watch as people chat live in their webcam room and join in the fun. The chat room features a large number of users, so it is convenient to chat with many different people from all over the world.

In order to join Chat Random

In order to join Chat Random

You must be a member, but you can log in using your username and email address. After you sign up you will be able to access a website that shows you all the different chat options available and you can also select a chat room to get started with.

ChatRandom is an online gay chat room where you can meet a lot of people from all over the world. If you are a young person who wants to meet other young people then this is the place to start.