How to Get 5 Thousand USD Credits with Postpaid Line in Steps

In recent years, the high-interest rate of credit, the fact that banks have difficulty in raising funds and swapping the foreign currency brought from abroad to consumers as a loan has been a serious disadvantage for those in need of immediate cash. In this context, the usurers who want to turn the crisis into an opportunity, of course, defraud the citizens they want to put under the high-interest burden, as always, by making use of their missing information.

As well as the usurer, the person borrowing from the usurer has a criminal responsibility. This is regulated in the Turkish Penal Code and there are serious sanctions in the event of an arrest.

What needs to be done in this context is to take care of the loan, rather than referring to loan sharks or people or institutions that directly say that they will issue a loan. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to get a loan with legal methods and even what can be done without applying to anyone. It can be useful to mention how to withdraw the postpaid line in steps.

Evaluating Alternatives


How urgent is your cash need? If you have needs that you can postpone for a while, it will be more logical to use alternative methods instead of paying high amounts to the phone after term sales.

It is a very cliché method, but doing additional work really helps to get rid of short-term cash needs in the most cost-effective and simple way. Working at least two or three jobs for at least a while will benefit you until you recover.

Professions you can do as an additional job are taxis, waitresses, drivers, translators, guidance, counseling, brokerage, brokerage, etc. What can be done as additional work will vary depending on the knowledge and experience of the person, and what matters to consider are good. If you think about which subject you are good at, it will be useful to perform a profession that may be related to this subject, even for a short time.

Other alternative money finding methods you can apply for are borrowing from gold or precious metals, taking advantage of the credit card cash advance feature, finding a guarantor for a bank loan, selling second-hand items you do not use, etc.

Researching to avoid being crushed under the usury interest

Researching to avoid being crushed under the usury interest

The loan sharks demand very high rates of interest for the work you can already do. Do not go under this burden of interest, you can allocate a loan to your own postpaid line with simple research.

So how does this happen?

You should apply for a mobile phone to the operator to which your postpaid line belongs and start by purchasing any of the high demand mobile phones that can be sold. After your operator delivers this mobile phone to you, it will collect the price of the mobile phone from your invoice divided into terms. As a result, you will get good material with good value and forward payment. All you have to do now is to research where you can sell this mobile phone.

These are just a few of the channels you can sell your mobile phone in a short time. There are dozens of alternatives like this and if you can reach the buyer through any of them, you can start the sales process.

Contacting the Buyer and Collecting the Payment


After posting an advertisement to any of the related channels, the buyers will start to contact you shortly. You must be polite while communicating. Do not hesitate to state that you have bought a term mobile phone because you need cash and you will use the phone price to cover your debts.

If the box of the mobile phone is not even opened, the buyer will want to buy the mobile phone in a short time depending on the warranty period. When selling your mobile phone, always ask for money in advance and if possible try to deal with buying and selling.

File, invoice, warranty, etc. After the procedures are taken care of, you can meet your cash needs with the cash you received, and this process is a process that you complete on your own in a short period of time, such as no commission.

Beginning to Pay the Phone Installments

After you meet your cash needs with the cash money you get from the phone sale, you should start the phone installment payments. Installment payments begin 1 month after the mobile phone is delivered to you and if you do not pay the installment payment, foreclosures, enforcement proceedings, etc. You will encounter procedures such as. Therefore, you should take care not to disrupt the installment payments and make payments on time.

20% Rule to Not Fall Again Again

20% Rule to Not Fall Again Again

Life is a process and the point to be reached is just a small part of the process, like all life. In this process, sometimes falling and getting up is an experience that everyone should acquire. But precisely at this point what a rational person should think about is the lesson to be drawn from this experience. For example, a person who endures all this process in the face of urgent cash needs should think that he/she should acquire a habit of saving.

The 20 percent rule is a great method that has already been implemented by millions of people and contributes to very serious savings. All you have to do is not to spend 20% of your money regardless of the amount you receive and transfer it to your savings account and forget it. If you have 1 USD in your hand, do not spend 20 cents, if you have 1000 USD, do not spend 200 USD and get used to living with the financial volume you have. When this habit is part of your life, it is unlikely that you will ever be in a situation like this again.